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We don't just provide staffing

We provide a personalized staffing experience. This includes physically transporting our employees to the work location to avoid getting lost or arriving late. Our team will introduce our staff to the onsite supervisor. If one of our staff cancels or doesn’t show, we will urgently find a replacement. Other staffing agencies will simply say, “oh well, it happens.” We provide disability insurance and workers compensation for our workers.

Values: Integrity, Performance Excellence, Teamwork, Relationship, Commitment

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We are a full-service agency aiming to help both employers and employees. We add value to your staffing goals by helping you make the most out of your time, budget, and efforts so that you can finally focus on your goals and growth once again. Our team aims on what matters most – excellent results. Whether you need to improve your organizational agility or optimize operational performance, we are here to help you take control.

VillaPower Global Services Inc. consistently engages itself in both our clients’ businesses and our employees’ careers to thoroughly understand their aim and priorities. Our reputation is rooted in our strength and reliability. We consistently organize and fulfill our values into all of our projects to build impactful connections. Our goal is to align expertise with opportunity.

Here at VillaPower Global Services Inc., we believe in connecting with firms and candidates with honesty. We are dedicated in delivering a fruitful outcome for both parties in the overall process as well. Therefore, we carefully screen our candidates prior to the presentation to guarantee that we provide the most suitable match for our client. Furthermore, we are honest to our candidates about the firms we represent, as well as represent their skills in regards to the opportunity.

VillaPower Global Services Inc. understands the significance of connecting excellent employers with exceptional employees. We aim to be the global leader in the staffing industry. We ensure that our service reaches our clients globally.

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Our experts can also help you with your organization’s recruitment needs. This location specializes in Office & Administration, Technologies, Engineering, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources and Sales & Marketing recruiting and staffing.