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VillaPower Global Services Inc. helps find that ideal spot where the demands and intentions of both firms and candidates converge and build a bridge that provides a mutually profitable career opportunity. As a staffing agency, we exist for the purpose of assisting people – from helping companies find the right candidate, as well as helping candidates find and build a meaningful career.

Saves Money

One of the most significant advantages when coordinating with a staffing agency is that it helps minimize costs. Firms can save money in advertising, background testing, drug screening, training, and many more.

Access to Specialized Knowledge

Staffing agencies possess specialized knowledge required to perfectly match the most suitable candidates and firms. Unlike in-house recruitment processes, staffing agencies come in contact with a wider range of industries, while keeping up with changes and trends around the job market.

Save Time, Effort and Money.

The candidate may apply for several job opening within a single application. This saves more time and effort in attending screening tests and filling in various forms. Furthermore, the help that the candidate receives is of free cost.


When firms coordinate with a staffing agency, they don’t have to worry about giving the candidates/employees long-term commitments. Companies have the option to try out a candidate before completely hiring him/her.

Increases Hiring Speed

A staffing agency possesses the tools, resources, and techniques that minimizes the hiring process. These agencies handle the paperwork that are needed in the hiring/recruitment process. Furthermore, you can also rely on the staffing agency to send you more staff if you are in need of more.

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We provide staffing for a wide range of industries and roles including housekeeping, restaurant, cleaning, manufacturing, special events, and more.

We provide staff for one time events, monthly contracts, or longer. Our team can provide peace of mind if you find yourself short-staffed.

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Our experts can also help you with your organization’s recruitment needs. This location specializes in Office & Administration, Technologies, Engineering, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources and Sales & Marketing recruiting and staffing. Call us here to learn more about your options. We are looking forward to serving you.